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From small, monthly get-together’s, LikeMinded Ladies has grown into a powerful group of leaders in every stage of life: married, single, grandmothers, stay-at-home moms, entrepreneurs, employees and employers. They are positive, supportive, inspirational and motivational, thought-leaders, groundbreakers. They understand that womanhood isn’t a competition and we all have unique gifts. That’s why LikeMinded Ladies celebrate the success and achievements of others. LikeMinded Ladies™ are creating a movement!


Should you join us to CONNECT. ELEVATE. BALANCE? 

LikeMinded Ladies™ are:

  • Supportive & Positive

  • Motivational and want to motivate others

  • Inspirational

  • Open-minded toward other women

  • Thought-leaders

  • Groundbreakers

  • Able to relish in the success and achievements of others

  • Have a desire to help other women and their community-at-large

  • Hoping to meet other women and develop strong, lifelong connections

  • Want to achieve their dreams and goals

  • Want to be role models for younger generations 

  • Want to have fun on the way!  .

If you have any of these qualities, join us now

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